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Streamline your HR policies and protocols and secure your employee data on one HR database application that can be fully customized without code.


Streamline your HR operations and eliminate manual and repetitive HR tasks.

Human resource teams hold the keys to all the policies and procedures that keep your business running smoothly, your employees happy, and your company a great place to work. It’s time to upgrade your HR management from filing cabinets, paper forms, endless spreadsheets, and never-ending post-it notes to one centralized HR database application that can do it all.

One HR Database, Unlimited HR Applications

Employee Directory

Secure employee records on one centralized database secured by logins and user permissions.

Employee Onboarding

Create a competent and knowledgeable workforce by streamlining your onboarding and training protocols and centralizing your policy and learning materials.

Compliance Management

Streamline your HR policies and protocols to maintain your company’s compliance and smooth-sailing at all times, even when your HR team is on retreat or unavailable.

Workflow Automation

Put your HR processes on autopilot and automate tedious HR tasks such as collecting signatures, reminding employees to send in HR-related documents, creating new work orders, sending emails to employees with new corporate policies, payroll calculations, and more.

Time Tracker

Streamline your employee scheduling and visually track timesheets, schedules, leave requests, PTO, and more. Track employee attendance in real-time as they clock in and out from the app so you can make necessary adjustments in the moment.

Custom Reporting

Run custom reports to analyze data in real-time and make critical decisions in the moment. Analyze payroll calculations, employee performance and satisfaction reviews, office supply levels, and more so you can catch meaningful changes as they occur and address issues on the spot.

Applicant Tracking System

Post open jobs and field applications coming in through custom-designed funnels, easy sorting and ranking, and visual kanban-style applicant tracking. Automate tedious HR tasks such as sending emails to applicants for reference requests and interview scheduling and notifying employees when a new hire has been made.

Performance Review Manager

Increase employee satisfaction and retention by streamlining your performance review process with dynamic forms that capture critical feedback, automated alerts when responses score above or below custom-defined values, and instant reporting so you can track performance and feedback changes in real-time and address issues as they occur.

Payroll and Finance Manager

Reduce errors made by manually calculating timesheets, payroll, and expenses and then manually copying calculations from paper forms onto the computer. Capture accurate data from the beginning with automated forms, reports, logic rules, and complex calculations and save all that time and money previously spent on financial errors and repetitive data entry.


Increase employee engagement and turn your workplace into a great place to work.


With role-based user permissions, employees can help themselves to information relevant to them and self-sufficiently engage in HR-related tasks from the convenience of their own homes, devices, and schedules. Employees can update their schedules, request time off, submit documents requested by HR, request supplies, and more.

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