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From early childhood to graduate school, educational institutions at every level require efficient software to manage their extensive data and workflow complexities. When filing cabinets, paper forms, spreadsheets, and off-the-shelf software fall short, educational institutions turn to Tadabase to configure their own custom database applications and brand a fully-customized software that can be easily scaled with clicks, not code.

One Database, Unlimited Education Applications

Course Catalog

Post course catalogs and enable students to sort and save courses with powerful front-end filtering and enroll in open classes with ease.

School Directory

Secure student and faculty records on a centralized database protected by logins and user permissions.

Student Tracking

Track student information over time including attendance, course schedules, grades, reports, tuition standing, and more.

Tuition Portal

Track tuition payments and school financial information with automated calculations, logic rules, custom reports and analytics, and dynamic forms that streamline accurate data. Reduce errors made by manual calculations, indecipherable paper forms and spreadsheets, and manual data entry.

Faculty Portal

Faculty members can access their relevant course and student information and visually track their course schedules, office hours, course materials, and assignments as well as their students’ information, attendance, grades, class engagement, and assignment submissions.

Graduation Tracker

Empower students to be well-prepared for graduation and post-graduate success by providing them with a portal to self-sufficiently track their credits towards graduation and complete customized graduation checklists.

Online Registration

Automate enrollment for a seamless online registration process every semester. Set enrollment limits per class that automatically open and close registration with custom display messages, logic rules, and scheduled automated tasks. Students can enroll on the go from their phones and on their own schedules.

Research and Analytics

Run custom reports to analyze real-time stats and trends in student enrollment, attendance, grades and performance, and more to catch meaningful changes as they occur and address issues as they arise. Integrate your application with other school systems to track school-wide averages or city-wide achievement gaps.

Resource Management

Create a database to connect students and families with relevant school resources including learning resources, disability services, and extracurricular activities. Create dynamic forms to evaluate students for services, and automate custom workflows to seamlessly direct students to the resources they need.

Workflow Automation

Automate all manual and repetitive tasks including collecting overdue tuition payments, calculating student GPAs, collecting parental signatures, tracking school supplies, regulating class registration limits, and emailing students when new courses have been posted.

Student / Parent Locker

With role-based permissions, students can access information relevant to them without the risk of exposing private, non-related data. Students can access their homework and assignments, course calendars and materials, grades, attendance history, tuition accounts, as well as submit assignments and school-related documents and signatures.

Fundraising and Events

Plan and track school events and fundraisers with streamlined automated workflows and dynamic workflow-visualization tools. Track donations, donors, and receipts, and automate tedious tasks such as collecting receipts from vendors, soliciting donations at scheduled times, and sending personalized confirmation and thank you emails to donors when donations have been submitted.

An app parents will love

Use your app to connect parents with their younger-aged children throughout the day via pictures of their children in action, daily activity updates, and real-time sign in/ sign out status.

Empower learning that transcends classrooms.

With a centralized education database app, education no longer has to begin and end in the classroom. Keep the learning continuously flowing by providing students with a learning portal to access their course reading materials and assignments, correspond with their teachers, and submit assignments, questions, and discussion topics.


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