Our Mission

Our mission is to help you succeed. Period.

At Tadabase, we look at each customer as our partner. We understand the decisions it takes to commit to a custom application, and those decisions are not taken lightly. If you’re looking for the best product on the market, you’ve found it. If that’s not a good enough reason to use a platform, we’re backed by an incredible team that will stop at nothing to earn your trust. We’ve been fortunate to sustain profitability without venture backing, where growth at all costs is the game. Rest assured, our partnership will be long and fruitful.

With security, data integrity, and reliability as the cornerstone of our platform, you'll feel at ease knowing that your company's invaluable data is safe and secure. Learn more about our security here or contact us for our SOC2 Security Report.

Our existence is as pure now as it was when we started.

We (Hitesh and Moe) founded Tadabase in 2016 after envisioning a better way to build the modern web-app. Before we started Tadabase, we were developers and customers; developing apps for clients using other available web-app platforms.

The apps we built for clients were successful. Watching our clients succeed in unimaginable ways was incredibly rewarding, and unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. We became dedicated to client success and realized that this feeling needed to be acknowledged and nurtured.

Tadabase started with an epiphany (Fun fact, our initial name was Appifany) that we could be more effective if we built the tools for rapid development ourselves, rather than relying on other platforms. By creating an innovative way to rapidly build databases at scale, we began to shape the platform for our clients. In return, the projects we were working on helped us fund our living expenses, as well as the platform. Every initial feature was a feature implemented for our clients. When a client needed a unique feature, we’d add it to the platform for everybody to use.

By early 2018 it was clear we were onto something bigger than anticipated. We decided to double down and put all of our efforts into building the platform. In July of 2018 we opened our platform to beta users. During our beta period we had over 52,000 users and 15,000 weekly active users.

Fast forward to today, we have helped over 1,200 businesses deploy their applications on Tadabase. We are still highly focused on growing and perfecting our platform. We are still innovating. We are still dedicated to our customers. We are uniquely engaged with their individual needs and absolutely thrilled by their success. Our lives have changed (thank you) but our motives are the same, our values are the same, and our intentions are the same.

Moe Levine
Hitesh Sidhappura
The Tadabase team includes a cozy, growing unit of 11. Fully remote since Covid-19, we are a group of passionate enthusiasts obsessed with customer success and helping businesses streamline and automate their data. If you share our value for customer success at all costs, shoot us an email at: careers@tadabase.io.

What are our core competencies?

Your data security. Above all else, our commitment to safeguarding your data is the priority influence behind every feature and infrastructure decision we make. This is why we use Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading web service platform, to host our infrastructure and follow the strictest policy guidelines to protect your data 24/7. This is also why we’re obsessed with security and login features, constantly releasing new login and auditing capabilities and perfecting our current ones to ensure that your data is bulletproof.

We thrive on complex customization. There are many cookie-cutter app solutions out there. We’re not one of them. The cornerstone of Tadabase that sets us apart is that we celebrate your unique business process, and helping businesses build their apps around their custom needs instead of the other way around is what makes us tick. This is why feature requests don’t scare us, they delight us! Even when they’re challenging or time-consuming, we’ll always prioritize adding features that grant you more customizability and control.

We love to support our customers. At Tadabase, customer success isn’t just a department, it’s who we are. This is because we value our customers not as single sign-ups using our product but as individual contributors to the development of Tadabase on its journey towards changing the way the world automates business management. Every support ticket, every feature request, every feedback, and every single chat with our customers is integral to our development, cherished, and truly appreciated. We offer round the clock support to our customers and we’ll never stop evolving, disrupting, and developing until together we’ve removed all barriers between businesses and the cloud.

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